Why Should You Use Astro?

Now is the era of the JavaScript framework. Everywhere, people use JavaScript frameworks. Whether it’s from the most famous ones like React, or viral ones like Svelte and Solid. But, why do we need to use Astro? Why not just use a JavaScript framework?

The answer is twofold: SEO and Adsense.


I actually don’t really understand why I have to use a static website to get better SEO performance. You see, my website, which I created using Svelte, can also enter Google, as long as I input a sitemap.

But, of course, if the website is static, I think it will be accepted faster on Google. Because a static website doesn’t need to be re-rendered. So, Google can directly take the content. If the website is dynamic, Google has to wait until the website is re-rendered. So, it might take longer.


Well this is important too. Websites that are made with the JavaScript framework, no one is accepted by Adsense. How come? Because the concept of the JavaScript framework will replace the contents of the id app. So, even though Adsense can appear, it will definitely be deleted again after hydration occurs. It’s a waste.

Why Should You Use Astro?
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